Suttungs gränd 3, 753 19 Uppsala
Tel. 018 - 13 13 60



Mon-Thu from 17.00
Fri-Sun from 16.00

Restaurant Peppar Peppar

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Peppar Peppar is a restaurant in Uppsala located near the station. We are in one of Uppsala's oldest industrial buildings since 9 years back.

Our ambition is to give everyone an experience with delicious food and drinks and create a pleasant atmosphere among colleagues, friends and family.

Warm welcome

Tasting menu (5 courses) 496: -

Served to all at the table

*Panko fried scallops ** Foie gras terrine 

*** Char**** Red wine braised cheeks of ox

*****Yoghurt panna cotta 

Vinpaket 380 kr

Menu suggestion for larger groups

Served to all at the table

Option 1     378:-

* Salmon tartar

** Confit pork belly (slow cooked)

*** Yoghurt panna cotta

Option 2     425:-

* Venison carpaccio

** Char

***  Yoghurt panna cotta

Option 3     455:-

* Salmon tartar

** Sirloin steak á la Peppar Peppar

*** Yoghurt panna cotta



Mattias Andersson

head chef

Mikael Karlsson


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