Suttungs gränd 3, 753 19 Uppsala
Tel. 018 - 13 13 60



Mon-Thu from 17.00
Fri-Sun from 16.00

Restaurant Peppar Peppar

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Peppar Peppar is a restaurant in Uppsala located near the station. We are in one of Uppsala's oldest industrial buildings since 11 years back.

Our ambition is to give everyone an experience with delicious food and drinks and create a pleasant atmosphere among colleagues, friends and family.

Warm welcome

Tasting menu (5 courses) 550: -

Served to all at the table

Latest order: Monday-Thursday at 20:00, Friday-Saturday at 21:00, Sunday at 19:00!

* Bleak roe from Bottenviken

** Gubbröra 

*** Pike-Perch

**** Red wine cooked cheeks of ox

***** Cloudberry and vanilla ice cream

Wine package 420 kr

Menu suggestion for larger groups

Served to all at the table

If you are more than 8 people the chefs wish you pre-order. the kitchen recommend our complete menu options
If you cant pre-order you will get a smaller menu on spot to choose from!

Option 1     421:-


* Baked celeriac

** Västerbotten cheese gnocchi

*** Chocolate terrine

Option 2     450:-

* Gubbröra

** Cod

***  Chocolate terrine

Option 3     479:-

* Gubbröra

** Sirloin steak á la Peppar Peppar

*** Chocolate terrine



Mattias Andersson

head chef

Mikael Karlsson


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